Construction Site Portables

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With EventRent and Welcome Site, We’ve Got You Covered in the Southwest

Did you know that EventRent and Welcome Site are both owned and operated by Steve and Jodie Murray? Well, they are, and both of our companies specialize in quality hire equipment and outstanding service.

While EventRent is designed to handle more specialized event hire equipment and stylish, luxury portable toilet options, Welcome Site is the business that started it all, and for many years, construction site rentals have been our expertise.


Keep your workers and your family members comfortable during a new build


Keep your clients and employees safe and organized on your worksite

Private &

Make your home or business makeover less stressful

Site Hire Equipment We Offer

Some of the most popular construction site equipment we make available for hire includes:

  • Portable Site Toilets – Our cleanly and well-serviced site toilets are not your usual port-potties. We include consumables, high-end chemical cleaning that is environmentally minded, and waste removal and cleaning services.
  • Portable Showers – Our gas and electric portable showers provide hot and cold water to make home renovations less stressful and construction sites safer and more comfortable. We even offer toilet/shower combos.
  • Portable Site Offices – Whether you need a single headquarters or a small operations area, our air-conditioned site offices can get the job done.
  • Portable Storage Containers – From brickies sheds to 6m sea containers, we have storage options for your equipment, materials or personal belongings. We even have a refrigerated container in addition to our mobile coolrooms.
  • Tilt Tray Truck Hire – Our 6 tonne tilt tray truck makes our rental equipment delivery a breeze and can also be hired out for your own use, particularly for hauling freight to a new a job site.
  • Mobile Dustless Blasting – Heavy duty cleaning isn’t just a job for professional cleaners. With our mobile dustless blasting equipment, we can help you clean almost anything, from utes and boat hulls to surfaces and heavy machinery.

To find out more about our fleet and the equipment we provide, contact Steve and Jodie at Welcome Site. Between our event rentals and our construction site options, we’ve got you covered, no matter the occasion.