Aluminium Bleacher Tiered Seating

Practical Seating for Your Next Event

When it comes to local events and private parties, there’s nothing worse than having to fight your way into a pack of sardines on the sidelines or being on your feet and stranded in a mob of people for the duration of a lengthy speech. As a spectator attending a spectacle, you hope that your hosts will take care to make sure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the entertainment.

So if you plan to draw a crowd and you also plan to put on a show, whether it’s on the field or on a stage, our portable aluminum bleachers offer a practical tiered seating arrangement that will make viewing easier for your audience.

Depending on the crowd size and the nature of your event, we can help you determine which configuration will be best. We also offer mobile refrigeration and other event infrastructure.

Portable Seating Specs & Features

Our bleachers can be a great addition to crowded sidelines or surrounding a performance area.

Seating Specifications:

  • Aluminium structure
  • Double footboards
  • 4.5m long
  • 0.8m high
  • Seats up to 30 people

Bleacher Features:

  • Single-person Maneuverability – Our bleachers can easily be handled by one person, which makes setup a breeze.
  • Tip n Roll – With a tip-and-roll design, bleachers are easy to relocate and position.
  • Indoor Use – Our bleachers fit through average-size doorways, making indoor use feasible.

6 Units Available for Hire

Spectator Events

Sporting matches, relay races, cycling events, music concerts, dance performances & more

School Events

From athletics carnivals, class photos, performances, concerts, swim meets and more

Community Events

Great for recreation centers, agricultural shows, speeches or ceremonies

Major Commercial Events

Food & music festivals, whether for fitting in a bigger audience or offering more organized seating