A-List Portable Luxury Toilets

Stylish & Clean Portable Toilets & Bathrooms

Ideal for private weddings and celebrations in Margaret River & surrounding Southwest regions

Much like our VIP mobile toilets, our A-List suites are both stylish and sterile while catering to a smaller crowd of up to 200 guests. This is probably going to sound weird, but our A-list toilets are actually worthy of that moment when a bridesmaid needs to accompany the bride to the bathroom to hold her dress!

Ideal for private weddings and celebrations, our A-List portable toilet suite is the perfect option for any host that wants to keep their friends & party-goers happy and comfortable.

We Provide Delivery!

Though this unit is not on wheels, it is transportable and we are happy to deliver directly to your event location with our Welcome Site tilt tray truck.

Site Requirements

Level ground area with clear access away from overhanging trees

10 amp power connection

Pressured clean water connection

(Includes hose, leads etc)

 Width 2.4m | Length 6.6m

Accommodating 50 to 200 Guests
No Water Access? No Problem! For sites without access to water, we can provide water tanks and pumps with 3000L and 4000L capacity. We can also provide grey waste water tanks with up to a 3000 liter capacity per tank.

Luxury Toilet Specs


2x Female Toilets with Vanity & Handwashing Basin and Bench Area/Powder Room

1x Male Toilet with 1x Waterless Urinal with Vanity & Handwashing Basin

recycled toilet paper, hand soap, paper towels


Spacious Powder Room complete with large ottoman

Interior and Exterior LED Lighting